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Liz Ames, Pianist

For me, carrying weight is the silent but constant mental load that I think a lot of women, especially moms, have to carry but we’re not supposed to complain about. I know that boys were taught not to cry, but I think a lot of girls my age and older were taught not to complain or talk about our problems because then we were being *hormonal* and *melodramatic*. We’re taught that so many other people have it worse. On the other hand, we look around us on social media and we’re taught that so many people have, and are, more or better. The load is the endless shifts between feeling like I’m supposed to be grateful for all that I have and all that I am while also feeling like I’m stuck…career, socioeconomic status, as a mom…all of the areas which help create my identity. For me, right now in this moment, that is the weight I’m carrying. But I know the weight will eventually change to something else.


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