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Laura Dwyer, Flutist, Educator, Administrator, Yoga Teacher

I have carried the weight of grief, the weight of betrayal, the weight of betraying, the weight of addiction, the weight of lost time, the weight of forgetting joy, the weight of misunderstanding, the weight of realization.

The weight, like wrinkles, is the gift of experience and of life. It gives us music to play, stories to tell, and a precious cargo of lessons learned.

I carry my weight lighter these days because I am full of love for each experience that I hold. If one becomes too heavy, I take it out and give it my full attention for a good long while. As I gaze and consider, the load becomes lighter as I remember its gifts and the person I was when I first hoisted it up.

At first, weight made me think of the word burden. But now, I think of this kind of weight as memory in energetic form.

Gratitude, too, has weight. So does love, passion, friendship, hope, joy and laughter. Pause and feel the weight of these, too. It is different, but is it is there.

Weight is life and I am grateful to feel all of it.

What we rarely feel is the weight of NOW. It is so light we can miss it. Tune in, its weight is the most important of all.


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