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Dr. Rick Araya, Chiropractor, Altruist

My role as a human being is to make a difference. I’m always looking for places to do that, so I constantly carry weight. I take on weight that I didn’t need to take on because it matters to do so. Every day, I make my life harder in order to relieve the burden of others. If it’s a flat tire, I stop to help. It’s easier to drive by but I don’t. People call me at home for adjustments. I don’t give myself the choice, so it’s empowering. If not me, who? If not now, when? Someone is always asking me for something and I always say yes. It’s not a burden. It’s a blessing. I contribute 1,000 volunteer hours per year. It’s part of my morality. I learned it from my mother.

Life isn’t a marathon, it’s a tennis match. I balance periods of full engagement with periods of full disengagement. I build relief into my schedule by working in 3 hour blocks. I’m an extrovert, but replenishment happens with withdrawal.


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